Rise Up - Whole Bean Coffee

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Rise Up 

The Rise Up blend honors the many Black trailblazers past and present that have led change within the Black community. May they inspire us to RISE UP each and every day and create a better world for all. 

This 50/50 blend of Rwandan and Burundi offers the bold and unique cup of Jo you need to elevate your day. Notes of delectable fruit and delicious spices combine to supercharge your mood. With a full-bodied flavor and bright taste, this medium roast blend is sure to awake your senses and delight your taste buds. Rise Up and conquer your fears, remembering that challenges make life interesting and overcoming them makes life meaningful. 


Origin Rwanda/Burundi

Acidity Medium acidity

Taste Bright, Baked Apple, Citrus

Mouthfeel Syrupy, full-bodied

Aroma Baked Apple, Toasted Pecans

Roast Medium

Grind Type Whole beans