Our Story

WE ARE MAUD starts with an immigrant story. My Jamaican grandmother, Trieva Maud Miller, came to the States when she was in her forties and already a mother of eight.

Her dream for a better life found her tending to rich folks' houses. She was always adjacent to beautiful things that would never be hers. Nonetheless, she laid the groundwork for her children and generations after hers to have the life she wasn't afforded.

With WE ARE MAUD, I wanted to make beautiful things accessible and affordable. You'll notice that most of our items are under $100. They are hand-selected with quality in mind. They're fun, conversational, sarcastic, whimsical, pretty and all around meant to be a good time.

When you shop with us, you are uplifting a community of artisans from around the world. We source primarily from people and groups that are often marginalized.

While we believe that quality items should be affordable, we also believe that our business and our network of creatives deserve to make a profit that affords the quality of life that we desire. Ours is a dynamic ecosystem where people and profits coexist. 

The name WE ARE MAUD honors my family bond. For you, I hope that it means strength and love above all else.

Thank you for supporting our small business! Stay connected with us on IG at @wearemaud.

Light + radical joy, 

Jo-Ann Enwezor, Founder of WE ARE MAUD

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