Smudge Bundle- SAGE + PALO SANTO

Smudge Bundle- SAGE + PALO SANTO

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Set includes a sage blend and a bundle of palo santo with four sticks. Due to the handmade and foraged nature of this set, each smudge bundle is unique.



SAGE:  Hand-rolled by Rain Ageni, a multi-genre creative living in St. Helena (Gullah) Island. Blessed by nature and the spirit of the first people. All materials are organic, hand-harvested, and bundled by hand. Note, the rose petals have darkened due to the natural drying process. 

PALO SANTO: Fresh from the tropical dry forest on the Central Coast of Ecuador. This bundle comes with four potent sticks. No tree is cut down because the only way for the wood to have its essential oil is for the tree to have its normal life cycle, then to fall naturally and after 2 years on the forest floor. It is a natural process that no one can accelerate otherwise the wood will never smell. This palo santo artisan plants over 5000 new trees every single year.