Crystals 101 Gift Set

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The Crystal 101 Gift Set includes a luminous deck to bring crystal energy to everyday life plus 7 chakra crystals + a stick of selenite to charge your crystal.

Each card features a photo of a gorgeous crystal on the front and an illuminating description of the stone's powers on the back (such as why to use serpentine for a fresh start; ametrine for indecision; and kunzite for love). 

Crystals included:

-Root Chakra - Smokey Quartz
-Sacral Chakra - Carnelian
-Solar Plexus Chakra - Citrine
-Heart Charka - Green Aventurine
-Throat Chakra - Sodalite
-Third Eye (Brow) Chakra - Amethyst
-Crown Chakra - Clear Quartz Point 

-2"+ Stick of Selenite - ideal for use to charge and cleanse your crystals