How are you?

Hey you, 

How are you feeling? Real question. Check-in with yourself for just a moment and pause. What do you feel?

I ask myself this every morning and the best answer I ever come up with is, "I feel strange." What else can you call a mix of sadness, hope, fear, joy, and uneasiness other than "strange"? 

Some of you have found small joys in this moment while others have found it absolutely crippling...or maybe you're somewhere in between.

There is no right way to live through a global health and economic crisis. Quarantining is tough. Missing people is tough. Trying to make ends meet is tough. Losing a loved one is the toughest of all. 

I've tapped into a new emotion and state of being. It's not good. It's not bad. It's just there and it is so strange. I'm learning to be ok with it though.

So, how are you?  

Virtual hugs,


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